Memory Books for binding in before June 1st Please.

Orders for next year please note it on order.

For billing purposes put (back to school) with July due date.

Please put orders in that need binding, they will be done in July!

Christmas and Halloween put in for July printing!

Ordering for Summer School please use summer school budget code. If you need budget code contact Pubs. 

Thank you 




Collate means pages in order 1,2,3.    Uncollate is all page 1 together and so on.

If there is something you need right away,

Email  with the order numbers.


If you need any assistance, please contact Publications at 619-258-2240.

Or email us at

 Note:  If you have moved to a different site, please let publications know so that we can change your information in the pubs system to ensure that your orders go where they are supposed to :)

Tips on ordering instructional curriculum

1) The 1st of the Month, Mondays and Fridays are always very heavy with orders. So if possible choose a different due date. 

2) Be sure to specify the page numbers, chapter numbers and how you would like your materials to be produced.  I.E. 1-sided or 2-sided copies, collated or uncollated, do you want them stapled or 3-hole punched.

3) Use the special instructions box to list all of these details.

4) When providing page numbers, let us know if page numbers are from book or the PDF file. The PDF file numbers may be different from the book numbers.

5) Always use your "Store Order Non-Billable Only" budget code for district sponsored curriculum only.

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